Want Us to Help You Streamline Your Trade Show and Live Event Marketing Strategies?

We can help you
BOOST your Brand,  
MAXIMIZE your Marketing
and CRUSH your Event Results 
Do you feel your current efforts to promote your event are not paying off as much as you would like?
Are you concerned that you never have enough time to plan AND promote your event?
Dont you wish you only needed to focus on plannning for your event without having to worry about promotiong your it, too?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, let us help you!
When you work with us, we will create promotion strategies for you, so you can have more time to focus on the rest!
Help Me Maximize My Event!

 Its so easy to get wrapped planning an event you almost forget to promote your event.

Then when you don't get the results you want, you feel let down and frustrated because you know you "could have done more" to promote your event.

It's a hard balancing act between planning and promoting​ your events!

What if there was a way to plan your event, promote it effectively and maximize yoru results?

What if I told you, there is an EASY way?        

Event Maximizer is our premium service where you get to work one-on-one with us and we will design a CUSTOM Event Promotion Strategy for your next live event or trade show.

Our premium service includes marketing and promotion strategies you can implement before, during and after your event.  

It also includes strategies that will help you you STAND OUT, increase VISIBILITY, and get RESULTS, while SAVING you time so you don't even have to worry about promoting your events!  

Only $997
Payment Plans Available

Who Is This For?
If you are an event or marketing manager in charge of event marketing for your company...

If you are a business owner exhibiting a trade show and need an edge…

If you are a business owner hosting a live event and want to increase sales…

If you are looking save time and STREAMLINE your event promotions…

 If you are coachable…

Event Maximizer Premium is For You!

What Do I Get?
Work one on one with us so we can build your Event Promotion Strategy for your next live event or trade show
We will design a custom Event Promotion Strategy with detailed before, during and after promotion strategies you can use to set yourself up for success.
We will personally show you and your team how to implement and leverage the strategy for your event.
Here's the rundown of what is included in our Premium Service:
Virtual Discovery Session
One 60 minute Virtual Discovery Session where we will discuss your brand, your event or tradeshow, and how to shape and form your end to end plan
Custom Event Promotion Strategy
Antina Promotions will design a custom Event Promotion Strategy for your event or tradeshow.
Pre Event Walkthrough
A 60 minute walkthrough with you and your team members, before your event, on how to execute your custom Event Promotion Strategy.
Post Show "After Action" Review
A 30 Minute Post Show Debrief, where we review your event and discuss your followup strategies.
What is an Event Promotion Strategy?

An Event Promotion Strategy is a framework of how you are going to promote your event so you can be in your LIGHT, get more VISIBILITY and more RESULTS.

 For those of you who thought that planning your event was enough, I hate to say it, but promoting your event is just as important and planning your event.

Maybe even more important.

 Why? Promoting your event is what helps you get visible.

 It helps you SHINE.

 Its what keeps the crickets away.

 It’s that marketing strategy you need to make sure your audience knows how to find you at your trade show or where to find you to register for your live event  so they can learn how to take their next steps with you.

 We can work with you to build this!
 We can work with you to maximize your results! 

Meet Antina Promotions

Antina Promotions is a marketing company that consults entrepreneurs and business owners on the strategies that will allow them to CONNECT with their target audience in unique ways so they can stand out, get noticed and get business.

 Our vision is to inspire companies to STAND OUT and SHINE in their brand by thinking differently about the marketing methods and strategies  to use, so their audience can ENGAGE with their brand and their business can GROW.

 We challenge you to STOP going through the motions and START standing in your light by using a marketing strategy that will alow you to see a positive RETURN on your investment and an INCREASE in your bottom line.

 After helping clients with various event promotions, we noticed our clients
STRUGGLED with increasing foot traffic to their booth, converting leads and getting a return on their investment at their trade shows and live events.

 So, we set out to create a program that would allow us to
DESIGN a custom Event Promotion Strategy tailored to your brand.

 PLUS give you promotion strategies you can use before, during and after your event so you can STOP going through the motions and create an EPIC promotion strategy that will allow you to stand out and maximize your ROI at your next event.
Real Talk
Let’s get something out of the way... I am going to tell you the truth...

 Most people are simply going through the motions of exhibiting at a trade show or hosting a live event!

 Most people are NOT creating an effective strategy that will help them set goals, create an action plan, work toward their goals, track results and get a return on their invesment! 

If all of this is true, WHY go through all the SAME routines if they are not working for you?  

WHY even go to a trade show or host a live event unprepared and without an Event Promotion Strategy that will help you get results?an doesn't keep going through the SAME routines if they are not working for you?

Let me ask you this: 

 How many times have you been to a trade show and sat behind the table waiting for people to come visit you?

 How many times have you hosted a live event, to go back to the office less than thrilled with your results?

 How times have you passed out promotional items at a trade show that did not work for you?

 How many days, weeks, months did you spend planning away for your event but fell short when it came time to promoting your event?

 How many times have you sat down to create an Event Promotion Strategy when planning for your event?

Let's Go!
Let's Recap!
Here's What You Will Get:
1. One 60 minute discovery session with Antina Promotions where we discuss your upcoming event 

2. A Event Promotion Strategy, designed by Antina Promotions, to help you successfully promote your event  with custom tailored promotional strategies you can implement before,  during and after your event.

3. A 60 minute walk through of your custom Event Promotion Strategy with you and your team members, before your event, so everyone is on the  same page

4. A 30 Minute Post Show "After Action" Review, to recap your event and run through your followup strategy.

Are you ready to BOOST your brand,
MAXIMIZE your marketing
and  CRUSH your event goals?
 Allow us help you create EPIC event promotions!

Payment Plans Available