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BOOST your brand,  MAXIMIZE your marketing
 and CRUSH your event goals  in 4 EASY Steps
Are you struggling with promoting your events in effective ways that will increase the probability of getting the sale?
Are you tired of BLENDING IN with the crowd (aka your competition) when you exhibit at Trade Shows?
Do you sometimes feel let down because your current efforts to promote your live event or trade show are not paying off as much as you would like them to? 
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IF you answered "YES" to the above questions and after most of your trade shows and live events you are thinking:

 "I feel like I could have done more to promote my event."

"I WISH I would have promoted my event more strategically instead of just going through the motions!"

"I am worried I am wasting money going to trade shows or hosting live events because I am not getting the results I want and need."

"Heck, I don't even know if I really know how to promote my events the right way."

Or thought: "What if there was an easy way to promote my event so I wouldn't have to worry about doing it right?"

We have the answer for you...
Event Maximizer is an end-to-end event promotions system that will show you the steps needed to BOOST your brand, MAXIMIZE marketing and CRUSH your event goals.

 No matter what skill or experience level, our self guided, online course is designed to walk you through the framework of how to implement effective promotion strategies for your live events or trade shows.

In this course you will be able to build your own Event Promotion Strategy that will help you get the results you want and need.

It is the PERFECT solution packed with promotion strategies you can implement before, during and after your event to STAND OUT and maximize your return on investment.

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Who Is This For?
If you are an entrepreneur exhibiting a trade show or hosting a live event, and you are experiencing a lull in sales after a live event or trade show…
feel like your trade show or live event results could have/should have (would have?) been better if you promoted your event more strategically or if you did a little more than just "go through the motions"...
are looking to STAND OUT, Increase VISIBILITY,  and create an EPIC experience at your next trade show or event…
What Do I Get?
Access to our Event Maximizer Course, that will teach you how to BUILD your own Event Promotion Strategy that is UNIQUE to your company, your event and your event goals and objectives.
Our course is organized into 4 Modules PACKED with information you can consume at your own pace!
Each module comes with an in-depth video and corresponding worksheets that will TEACH you the promotion strategies you NEED to implement and LEVERAGE the BEST adverting mechanisms for your trade shows and live events.
Plus you will get access to 1 Bonus Module that will include supplemental materials to help you implement your PERSONAL  Event Promotion Strategy as soon as possible.
AND you will get access to Maximizer University where you will have your own Event Maximizer portal that will house all of this juicy information!

Below is the rundown of each Module...
Module 1
"Set Your Sights":
Preparing for a Successful Event

In this Module you will assess previous events to gather the information you need to create promotion strategies for your current event.

You will also learn:
How to Set Goals for Your Event
How to create your Budget
and more...
Module 2
"Get the Word Out":
 Pre Event Promotion Strategy

 You will learn promotion strategies you can use before your event so your audience knows where to find you and why they should come to your event.

 You will also learn:
How to craft your messaging
Real promotion strategies you can use at your next event
and more...

Module 3
"It's Showtime":
Maximizing Your Event, In the Event

You will learn promotion strategies you can implement during your event to maximize your presence.

You will also learn:
Different Event Displays and Signage you need
How to Use Promotional Items at your events
and more...
Module 4
"Don't Leave Money on The Table":
Post Event Followup

You will learn one of the steps the majority of people forget (or choose not to do) the FOLLOWUP!

You will also learn:

How to analyze your Event and your Results
How to Determine ROI
and more...
Module 5
"Extra! Extra!":
 Bonuses & Resources 

You will receive supplemental bonus material that will help you with each Module.

You will get access to worksheets and guides that will help you :
Find your Audience
Create Facebook ads
Close the sale
 and more...
What is an Event Promotion Strategy?
When you go to a trade show or live event you need to make promotion a priority and when you do, make it so BOLD, so compelling that it will be hard to FORGET you.

For those of you who thought that planning your event was enough, I hate to say it, but promoting your event is just as important as planning your event.

Maybe even more important.

Why? Promoting your event is what helps you get VISIBLE.
 It helps you SHINE. Its what keeps the crickets away.

So, to answer the question:
An Event Promotion Strategy is...
It’s that marketing strategy you NEED in order to make sure people know about your event, come to your event and take their next steps with you.
It is the STEPS you need to take before, during and after your event to make sure you are visible to your audience.
A framework of how you are going to promote your event so you can step up, stand out and get more VISIBILITY to see more results
It helps  you CONNECT with your audience, so you are at the forefront of their minds when they need you the most.
Real Talk

Let’s get something out of the way... I am going to tell you the truth...

 Most people are simply going through the motions of exhibiting at a trade show or hosting a live event!

 Most people are NOT creating an effective strategy that will help them set goals, create an action plan, work toward their goals, track results and get a return on their invesment! 

If all of this is true, WHY go through all the SAME routines if they are not working for you?  

WHY even go to a trade show or host a live event unprepared and without an Event Promotion Strategy that will help you get results?an doesn't keep going through the SAME routines if they are not working for you?

Let me ask you this:

 How many times have you been to a trade show and sat behind the table waiting for people to come visit you?

 How many times have you hosted a live event, to go back to the office less than thrilled with your results?

 How times have you passed out promotional items at a trade show that did not work for you?

 How many days, weeks, months did you spend planning away for your event but fell short when it came time to promoting your event?

 How many times have you sat down to create an Event Promotion Strategy when planning for your event?


Our job is to make sure you are strategically prepared and ready for your trade show or live event so you can get the results you are looking for!

There is NO POINT in going to a trade show or hosting a live event if you BLEND IN and don’t even think about STANDING OUT.

STOP going through the motions. It's not going to cut it!

This is the premise of Event Maximizer 

Let's Get Started!
Let's Recap!
Here's What You Will Get:
The entire Event Maximizer, Go-At-Your-Own-Pace, Self-Guided Online Course
4 Modules with Videos and Worksheets to teach you how to implement our system that helps you create your unique Event Promotion Strategy packed with promotions that will help you STAND OUT and gain VISIBILITY before, during and after your event.
1 Bonus Module with resources, worksheets and cheklists that will help you create and implement your Event Promotion Strategy as soon as possible
Access to Maximizer University where you will receive your own personalized Event Maximmizer portal that will house all of your modules, videos, worksheets and bonuses with LIFETIME ACCESS! 
What do you say?
Is it Time to Create EPIC Event Promotions?
BOOST your Brand
MAXIMIZE your Marketing
CRUSH your Event Goals
For ONLY $297!